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We have been in the concrete statuary business since 1970. Over the years we have learned to make our own latex rubber and fiberglass molds. We have been selling them to the public for over 10 years. We design our molds to be simple and easy to use for beginners and pros alike!





There are many variations for your mix. Here is our recommended mix

2-part sand

1-parts small gravel

1-parts Portland cement

Add water until creamy, and remember you do not need a cement mixer for this, you can use a drill with a mixing paddle and mix in a bucket or tub.



The most important thing to remember is to avoid exposure to sunlight and any product containing petroleum this includes, Vaseline, soap and cooking sprays/oils. These will damage your latex mold. When casting concrete our molds require a mold release, the only release we use and recommend is;

1- part Castor Oil

15- parts Rubbing Alcohol

Mix in a squirt bottle and spray on the inside of the rubber insert, wipe off any excess. 

 Now, just assemble your mold using bolts/clamps as needed and pour your perfect piece!! 

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